(Guidelines for Alumni ID Card Application and Usage, Alumni Benefits, Alumni ID Card Application Form)

Application procedure for the NCCU Alumni ID Card:


1. Complete application form

2. Photocopies of National ID Card, residence permit, or passport (or submit

    original copies for authentication and return)

3. Photocopy of diploma (certificate of completion) (or submit original copies

   for authentication and return)

4. One hat less passport photo

5. Fees (NT$500 for the General Alumni ID Card, NT$5,000 for the Lifetime

    Alumni ID Card, NT$300 for the Friend of NCCU ID Card; all cards may be

    reissued at the rate of NT$150 per card during their period of validity)

    (Reissued cards shall have the same period of validity as the originals.) For

    application by mail, please complete payment of fees by postal remittance,

    account name: National Chengchi University, account number: 00148908.

    Please specify "Issuing fee for Alumni ID Card" and applicant’s name on the

    back of the remittance form. Once payment has been completed, please mail

    the remittance receipt, application form and required documentation to the

    following address: NCCU Secretariat, No. 64, Sec. 2, Zhinan Rd., Taipei City



               Please submit applications in person at the Alumni Service Center, or submit

             completed application forms and required documentation to the National

             Chengchi University Secretariatat No. 64, Zhinan Rd., Taipei City 11605.  

               Applications may also be submitted by proxy or by the colleges, departments

             and graduate institutes of the University. (Proxies must provide proof of

             personal identification when submitting the applicant’s application materials

             for authentication and future reference.)




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