1. Eligible applicants: Free alumni email accounts are provided to persons  who meet

  any one of the following qualifications as stipulated in Article 2 of the "National

  Chengchi University Guidelines for Alumni ID Card Application and Usage.

2. Alumni who apply for free alumni email accounts shall receive the same account

   names as their student email accounts.

3. Usage notes:

   (1) The account provides a 100 MB inbox capacity.

   (2)  If the account is idle for over 6 months, the University will delete the account and all account contents from the system. Account users may not dispute this regulation. Previous account users may reapply for deleted accounts.

   (3) Users will not be able to conduct a password inquiry in the event passwords are forgotten. They may, however, reapply for reinstatement (of the original account name) by means of online application.

4. User Notices & Agreements:

   (1) Users of this Internet Network must agree to comply with the "Taiwan Academic Network Management and Norms" and the "National Chengchi University Campus Network Usage Regulations." In the event of violations against these regulations, users will be prohibited from account usageaccording to the level of severity.

    (2) In accordance with University operations or law enforcement 

          requirements, system managers may access all data relevant to user accounts.

    (3)  This account may be used for academic and research purposes only. The account

          may not be used for commercial purposes, nor may it be used by persons other

          than the owner of the account.

    (4) In the event of changes in user contact information, such as mailing address or

          contact number, please notify the University immediately in order to protect and

          maintain user rights.

    (5) Internet storage capacities allotted to each account are for purposes of

 temporary storage only. Please download and store all important data, the

 University shall not be held responsible for data preservation and



 The University reserves the right to decline providing services to users with

 unsatisfactory user histories.




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