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All NCCU Alumni are welcome to apply for an alumni email account free of charge 

Please access the Alumni Free Email Account Application System to apply for an account.

If you have questions regarding the email account system please email your inquiries to: help@alumni.nccu.edu.tw  or call +886-2-29393091 Ext. 62544 during office hours for consultation services.

For detailed information on the Alumni Email System, please refer to the Online Overview of the Free Alumni Email Account 


  Email System Notifications

  For account authentication or password modifications, please operate using the Mail2000 or iNCCU systems. The Computer Center will not send authentication emails in either English or Chinese requesting account authentication or updates. Please do not click on, respond to these emails, or access links provided in these emails. 


 Alumni Association Contact Information 

NCCU Worldwide Alumni Service Net


If you have questions regarding alumni services, please email your inquiries to: alumni@nccu.edu.tw






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