【Taiwan Ratings 中華信用評等】Research Assistant徵才




1. The position will mainly provide services in spreadsheet input based on financial report of issuers, validate the financials with issuers, and complete the selective database.
2. The position will also help in collection and preliminary digestion on analysis-supporting information and statistics from clients and market, in a way to provide solid foundation of our analysis.
3. The position will also assist in basic analysis job for analysts and conduct credit estimate assignments. In addition, this position is created to mitigate the potential risk of analyst turnover, and efficiently reduce the cost and time for training the potential candidate to become an analyst, as the candidate also needs to pass S&P's analyst certification.
4. The position will be exposed to financial services and corp. exposure, depending on the capacity and learning curve. We target the candidate should be able to pass one advanced exam in either FI or Insurance as well as advanced exam in Corp. practice in 2 years.




▌中華信用評等股份有限公司介紹 ▌
中華信用評等公司係民國86年5月31日正式成立,為台灣第一家信用評等公司。為確保評等之獨立、公正與專業,中華信用評等公司結合了世界頂尖的全球性信用評等機構-標普全球評級〈S&P Global Ratings〉與嫻熟臺灣金融環境的國內股東共同成立。